The Florence was originally constructed in 1888, burned in 1913, was rebuilt, then burned again in 1936. The current structure, which is now home to offices, retail stores and restaurants and a multipurpose ballroom, was built in 1941. This third rendition was designed by architect G.A. Pehrson in its current Art Moderne style.

"The Florence was ahead of its time with the Northwest's first central air conditioning system, novel glass shower doors, underground parking for the growing number of Americans traveling by automobile, and first-class interior appointments in a 'harmony of color'."

Standing tall at 7 stories it is the 5th tallest building in Missoula. The most recent improvements to the building were performed in 2019 by the current owner, Thomas Taylor, PE, Honorary Texas Architect, a structural engineer with decades of expertise in historic building renovation. The work included a full restoration of the lobby to its original 1940s ambiance, including Art Deco signage, Great Gatsby-like furniture and intricate, handmade chandeliers. The interior design and finishes were created by Kelly Roessler and Katie O'Reilly of Intaglio.

(Wikipedia: Florence Hotel (Missoula, Montana))

“With its signature style, unique original façade and interior elements and long history as a regional gathering hub, the building was listed on the
National Register of Historic Places in 1992.”

(David Erickson: New owner dedicates restored Florence Building lobby)